Melanie S. Watson BHSAI stages 1, 2, 3Melhorse

Melanie was born in Nairobi, Kenya on October 7th in 1962. She moved to Pembury in the UK in 1969, then moved to Edinburgh and completed her O and A levels.

She went on to study BHSAI and stages level 1, 2 and 3 under Alec Lyall (FBHS) at Snainton riding centre in Scarborough in 1979 / 1980.

From here on she had many years experience working both in England and abroad. She was trained by the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, being in charge of dressage horses, training riders in riding schools, breaking horses, caring for TB broodmares (including foaling and rearing their offspring), learning herd, infant psychology and behaviour. Dealing with horses coming out of racing, and more. Drawing on this experience, she eventually started her own business in Skidby Yard in 1985.

Melanie’s Achievements & Work

  • Competed at National and Local Level in nearly every aspect of the horse world.
  • Trained and competed many affiliated show-jumpers, and horses competing with British Eventing.
  • Provided work based learning employment for students
  • An assessor for level 1, 2, and 3 for vocational studentsMelhorse2
  • Accredited racehorse trainer for ROR (Rehabilitation of Racehorses)
  • Works hand in hand with veterinary surgeons, equine physiotherapists, chiropractors and horse insurance companies to assess horses with problems.
  • Uses a range of training techniques from the standard English approach to Western and Natural Horsemanship Training techniques.
  • Trainer of the Yorkshire Wolds Riding Club.
  • Has hunted from the Berkeley and Beaufort hunts in Gloucestershire to the Brocklesby hunt in Lincolnshire, and the Holderness hunt in East Yorkshire